Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dropping off a homemade meal with cards to our sweet neighbor Patsy on Mother's Day.

Loving my Mother's Day gift from Scot and the kids. A new tervis tumbler, just like I wanted. :)

Brooklyn and her big-eyed babies.

Learning mom's phone number.

Eating yogurt by himself for the first time.

I helped out my sister-in-law last week and picked up her kids from school a couple days. Our van was filled to the max - we made quite the crew!

We had cousin Keegan over one day too. He and Brooklyn are little buddies.

Celebrating Papa's 65th birthday at Chuy's. (With homemade cupcakes from Grammy.)

(We all blew our candles out.)

Sweet moments after lunch.

Just real life around here. :)

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