Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun, but busy Memorial Day weekend and start to the summer! First off, the big kids and I headed to the Frist art museum on Saturday, while Scot held the fort down with Connor.

Our lithograph prints:

Afterwards, we ate a late lunch and window-shopped at one of our favorite places - Opry Mills. The kids favorites:

The Lego store.

The Rainforest Cafe - with the special talking tree.

(Brooklyn always runs away.)

Old Navy. (At five-and-a-half, she still fits in the buggy. Ha!)

(We missed the Disney store, Build-a-Bear and Aquarium Restaurant this time. We love to look!)

On Sunday, we went to church and headed to Centennial Park for a picnic lunch.

With plenty of playtime.

And time to think and just be.

Our Memorial Day was spent at another park for a little hike.

And we ended the day with a BBQ cookout in the backyard that night. Cornhole, ladder golf, Nerf guns and a couple kid friends included.

The grill master:

The food was simple but delicious.

(We took turns chasing this little guy around.)

Much fun was had by all. It's been a great start to the summer so far.

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