Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Day of School

Today was Jacob's last day of school. His last day of fifth grade. The day started off with a bang. End-of-the-year gifts from dad. (His surprise gifts are the best.)

 They were a hit, obviously.

The kids and I hurried to the fifth grade play Snow Biz that started at 8:00am. Jake was in charge of moving props, changing out costumes and whatever else backstage. He did a lot of work! (I tried to catch as much as I could on camera, but I had one squirmy little guy on my hands.) It was a cute show.

My favorite part was Jake's hockey fight with Max. So funny! (Jake's the white #12.)

And the end was the best. (Don't mind the fussy one.)

Everyone did an awesome job, but I'm partial to this hardworking guy, of course. He was amazing - and sweaty too. :)

Couldn't celebrate this last day of school without best bud, Michael.

We came back to school for Jake's class party at 1:00pm. They had pizza and ice cream sundaes.

This one was in love.

Jake passed out teacher appreciation gifts.

Got pics with Mrs. Caldwell.

And friends.

And helped catch our little escape artist on the run.

We finished out the day by making an impromptu trip to the splash park after school. The kids were so excited!

It was Connor's first time. Even though he didn't get in the water, he squealed and had the best time.

Summer and middle school, here we come. Eek!

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