Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer List and Goals // 2013

The big kids and I put all our fun ideas together this week, and I think we've made the best summer list yet!

Here's the big shebang - our 2013 summer list:

We're already off to a great start!

The kids also wrote down their summer goals, something we started last year. A great way for them to keep busy - as we try to have less and less "I'm bored" days and more fun than anything. While still having some structure at home.

(This proves we've still got a ways to go with Jake's handwriting. Apparently, boys and handwriting and patience just don't mix well. Ha!)

Our "mudhall"/kitchen wall is filling up fast. But, I'm glad we have so many fun things to do.

It's going to be good. :)

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