Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

This week was spring break. Jake was away at his dad's, but here's how we kept busy all week:

We did some major house cleaning - which included mopping the kitchen floor and having a few friends join us on Brooklyn's train ride. :)

We played outside.

(Runny noses included.)

We took walks around the neighborhood.

I caught up on laundry. (For a day or two at least.)

Cleaned up little boy messes.

Watched Connor do his new favorite thing - open and close doors over and over again. The boy's obsessed!

Organized the art cabinet and shelves in our garage. (Gotta love $1 bins from Dollar Tree!)

Snuggled up with these two.

Took the kids on a lunch date at Chick-fil-a.

Organized our pantry.

Ended the week with picking up our twin 6-year old nieces and went to the library to pick out books.

Took them to McDonald's for an ice cream treat in the play area - their first time ever!

Had a cousins sleepover. With some Wii gaming, of course.

And tried on new costumes made by Grammy.

(Oh, and we had Connor's well visit, a playdate with new friends and a trip to the dump in there too!)

Can't wait until this room is full again. Just one more day, thank goodness.

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