Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter // 2013

Our Easter was busy and fun this year. Jacob flew to his dad's two days before Easter, but I was able to capture the kids together in their full Easter attire before he left.

They're a crazy crew, but I love these three to pieces:

My older sister, Tiff, and her family came in town to visit for the weekend. We had fun watching the OSU basketball game on Saturday night, while ordering Salvo's pizza for dinner.

The kids woke up early Sunday morning and were excited to open their Easter baskets. But, let's get real - late nights + early mornings = cranky kids who don't cooperate for pictures.

The candy seemed to help.

We went to church and ate lunch at the Spaghetti Factory in downtown Nashville. Connor was so tired that he had a meltdown before the food even arrived [code for: worst restaurant experience with him to date so far.] But, we pushed through it and had great food to eat when we got home. :)

So grateful to spend Easter with my sister's family.

We all came back to our house to lay the babies (and dads) down for naps, while the big kids kept busy with coloring eggs. It was good cousin-bonding time.

Connor woke up and head-dived down the steps in the garage (the door was open a crack and I couldn't get to him in time), but he was a trooper and had a good ol' time with us outside.

We fixed taco soup, homemade guacamole and slush punch for dinner. Then, I made these candy birds nests with chocolate eggs for dessert:

Grace's birthday is next week, so we went ahead and celebrated her life too. (Happy 6th birthday, Grace!)

The babies made the birthday song extra fun.

The kids did an indoor egg hunt since it was raining.

Sweet Eve and Connor got along quite well.

And the babies stole the show at the end of the night with a booty-shakin' dance party right in our family room. So hilarious to watch!

A great way to end this sacred day, making memories with family.

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