Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crazy School Days

Yesterday was a crazy day.

I picked up Brooklyn from preschool at 2pm. Picked up Jake and Michael from school at 2:30. The boys changed into their jerseys in the school bathroom and loaded up the van with their backpacks and all their sports gear.

We ate snacks on the way and headed to a private school 30-minutes away for the boys' soccer game. Practice started at 3:15. The game was supposed to start at 4pm, but we had to wait for the refs to get there so it was more like 4:15.

Connor kept busy feeding Cookie some veggie straws.

Brooklyn sat on the bleachers and colored with crayons.

Or played around on the big rocks by the soccer field.

The game lasted until almost 5:30 - and we won 3-0! God gave us this beautiful view on the way out.

I got all the kids McDonald's for dinner in the car. Then, we rushed to the band/choir concert at Jake's school. Kids were supposed to arrive at 6pm, the concert started at 6:30. No time to shower - Jake had to change in the school bathroom...again.

It was a great show.

The fifth graders sounded really good - we were impressed!

This was the band teacher's last year of teaching and his last concert before he retires. The staff gave him a custom canvas to celebrate his 40 years of teaching, which made the evening that more special. Jake sure is going to miss him.

I left the school that night, and my heart was filled with gratitude all the way home. I am so thankful for this wonderful school, their caring teachers and all the opportunities Jacob's been given the past 6 years. He's been able to pursue his love of art and soccer - and even learn some new things along the way, like playing the trombone. We're so proud of how far he's come and this great magnet school that's helped him bloom.

Definitely makes all these crazy days worth it.

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