Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Free Day

Last Saturday, Scot gave me the day off. Bless his heart. He woke up with the kids, got them fed and dressed, and took them out for the day.

I slept in till 9 a.m., took a leisurely shower and cranked up some get-up-and-go music while I got ready. I couldn't believe I had the whole day to myself.

With no breakfast, I ate an early lunch at this little coffee shop and ordered the best-and-only mushroom melt I've ever had. I thought I'd try something new and it was delish! I had no diaper bag, no food to cut up, no little mouths to feed. I just sat and read while I ate. It was divine.

I had some shopping to do, so I headed to the mall. I found a pair of silver wedges to wear with my purple dress for Scot's employee-of-the-year dinner next weekend.

I did some bra shopping - which I've put off forever.

I had fun trying stuff on and not buying a thing. [Anyone else do that??]

I got a caffeine hit at Sonic. Gotta love happy hour!

And ended my day shopping up and down every aisle at Target - including the women's clothing section.

It was an awesome day. Something I never would have done if my hubby hadn't planned it himself.

After today, I learned three things:

1. My husband is a rockstar. [They went to lunch at a restaurant, he let each kid pick out a toy at the toy store, changed diapers, ran errands...with 3 kids in tow. I am amazed.]

2. Having alone time is refreshing, good for the soul. Cherish it, no matter what you do.

3. Mother or not, every woman needs a day like today.

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