Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Best Day

On Saturday, I surprised Brooklyn with a girls day at the Frist Center in Nashville. We had never been to that museum before and Brooklyn is so creative, I thought it'd be perfect. She had no idea where we were going until we pulled into the museum's parking lot at 10 a.m.

Here we are - happy to be in our new-and-improved van again!

The museum itself is just beautiful.

Brooklyn didn't know I had registered her for the Kids Club art class at 10:30. She was so surprised and excited when she found out. (The kids had to draw three different pictures of beatles and insects within a certain amount of time.)

I peeked thru the window and saw one very intense girl.

I loved her favorite piece - the cutest beetle I've ever seen!

Then, we were off to explore the kids area of the museum called ArtQuest. There was so much to do, we were there for over 4 hours!

In all the activities, I watched my daughter learn and grow and create to her heart's content. I saw a sparkle in her eye and a deep yearning to create more. She was in her own little element, making and appreciating art of all kinds. We both felt at home there.

We walked around and looked at the paintings and sculptures in the rest of the museum. The artwork inspired me and brought back so many great memories of working at the Columbus Museum of Art before Scot and I got married. The old building, the architecture, the creativity, the history that's in those walls is just captivating to me. I love everything about it, and as it turns out, my daughter does too.

[The stunning Union Station Hotel next door.]

We got in the van, bellies rumbling, and headed to one of our favorite places for a late lunch. One frisco melt, a free kids chicken dinner and an Oreo milkshake later, and we were spent.

The sky displayed a beautiful painting all its own. I glanced in the rearview mirror and Brooklyn looks up at me and says, "Thank you, Mommy. This was the best day ever!"

I couldn't help but play Taylor Swift's song, The Best Day, over and over in my head the whole rest of the way home.

Time is fleeting, but these special days with my young ones truly are the best days of my life. I hope they remember and treasure them always.

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