Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snow Day{s}

On Friday, we had our first snow day of the year. The county called at 5 a.m. to cancel school, but I didn't get the message until Jake was eating breakfast at 6:30. Oh, well. He finished his waffle and went back to bed till 8. Even though it was just a dusting of snow, he was glad to have a whole day at home.

The kids spent the day playing with Legos, playing computer games and watching movies in their pajamas - along with popcorn and hot chocolate. Yum!

Then on Saturday, we were surprised when we woke up to real snow. The kids were so excited.

It was just a couple of inches, but enough for us crazy Tennesseans to play in and enjoy!

Brooklyn played in the snow all morning. Sledding, snowball fights, snow castles, snow angels - you name it, she did it all.

[My super cool just-got-out-of-bed look.]

Michael came over later to join our snow party. The boys spent most of their time having a massive snowball fight (with Brooklyn as their little sidekick, of course.)

Connor had a runny nose and cough (and a painful diaper rash too), so he couldn't join in the fun. But, he had his own fun watching from the back door window.

I have a feeling our snow days are over, but they sure were fun while they lasted.

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