Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Update

Our wrecked van is currently in the shop getting fixed. (With an estimate of $4,400 in total damages so far.)

So, we've said goodbye to our smooshed Caravan this week.

And hello to a smaller rental car - a Chevy Impala - for the next several weeks.

It may be a little tight for the kiddos in the back on church days, but this guy doesn't mind. I think he's already broken it in. :)

Meanwhile, I've gone to the chiropractor every day this week to help my headaches, neck and back pain from the accident. The doctor took x-rays and confirmed I have whiplash. The worst part of the impact hit the middle of my neck and my lower pelvis above my tailbone, so there's significant swelling in those places. But, he's confident he can fix it and get me feeling better in 15 visits or more. Yay!

I picked up the police report this week. The teenage girl who hit me only got a warning (no ticket), but she goes to court in late February to provide proof of insurance for her vehicle to the judge. I probably won't get a chance to speak, but I plan to attend so the girl and her family and the judge will see what an impact she's made on our family. With over $5,000 in car damages and medical bills so far, nightmares for me and Brooklyn, Brooklyn's initial bedwetting at night and a van that will never be the same, I can't stand by without at least speaking up and telling our story. I believe in forgiveness, second chances and restoration in all of us, but I'm also a firm believer in taking responsibility and doing what's right, no matter what the consequences might be.

Even though this week has been busy, I'm treasuring all the little moments and enjoying more time at home.

 So thankful these two are okay:

They've gone right back to their usual playful, cuddly, happy, occasional non-sharing selves. And that's the best news of all.

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