Thursday, January 24, 2013


The kids and I got in a car accident yesterday. We were headed to the mall after Bible study to eat our packed lunches so I got in the left turn lane at a red light. I was the first one in line at the busy intersection. The next thing I knew, there was a sound of crunching metal and the hard impact made my whole body and head jerk forward.

We had been hit. The kids started screaming and crying. I started crying. I was in total shock of what had just happened.

I immediately made sure the kids were okay and they were. Thank the Lord. Apparently, a young teenage girl was driving with her friend and never even slowed down as she approached the red light. I don't know if she was texting or just distracted by talking with her friend, but she was going a pretty good speed (it was in a 45 mph zone.) I had been sitting at the light for a couple of minutes, and she literally plowed right into us.

The teenage girl came to my window, hysterical. She said she didn't have car insurance and her mother was going to kill her. She apologized and hurried back to her car, for fear of getting hit from the cars passing by just a few inches away.

After two police cars passed by without stopping to help, I finally called 911 and they sent two police officers on motorcycles to the scene about 5 minutes later. They directed us to a nearby fast food parking lot to look at everything and write up the report. I answered their questions and told them she may have been texting, but the officers were very brisk and didn't want to listen to me. The girl and her friend kept crying, talking on their cell phones and smoking one cigarette after another after another. The kids were crying and hungry. I got in the back and started feeding them in the van. Thank goodness I had packed food for them.

About 45 minutes later, the police officer told me my part was done and I was free to leave. He said that I was financially responsible for everything since the girl had no insurance. I asked if there was anything we could do and he told me to contact my insurance and they should cover it under our uninsured part of the policy. That's it. They didn't tell me if she was texting, if she was drinking or what caused the accident. I didn't know if she got a ticket for speeding, wreckless driving or driving without insurance (which is against the law in Tennessee). I didn't know if she was skipping school. I didn't even know if my van was drive-able, but I made the trip home anyway. The whole experience made my head hurt - literally and figuratively. I was so confused.

The officer said the accident report will be ready sometime next week, so we're anxious to see the full report and all that was said from her side. Plus, I have a lot of questions I'd like to ask so I'm hoping we get some more answers too.

Scot was an amazing hubby yesterday. I called him every step of the way (from the initial accident to the drive home) and he was there. He took a half-day off from work and came straight home to help. I rested and took a nap, while he took care of the kids all afternoon - folded laundry, helped with homework, made taco soup for dinner, gave the kids baths. He is an amazing guy, always there right when I need him.

So, today - after seeing and thinking through the events from yesterday - I'm just thankful to be here. To be upright and breathing and not be in pain (except for a bad headache). I'm so, so thankful God spared my two children and kept them safe in their car seats. I can't imagine what I would have done if something had happened to them. Heavenly angels were definitely watching out for us yesterday. I know it could have been so much worse.

Our next days and weeks may involve contacting insurance companies, talking with police officers, getting info on rental cars and different estimates on the van's total damages...but in all this, I'm thankful for the simple things. Hugs, kisses and extra snuggles. I'm thankful for life.


  1. OH SO SORRY!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Praise God you are all alright!

    As an aside - when I got into a fender-bender before Isaac was born, I actually had whip lash and didn't know it for years later. Just a thought - when/if you have time - go to the chiropractor, get an x-ray just to make sure, and maybe have a few adjustments just to get you back into alignment - it may help you avoid problems later.

  2. Chauncey! That just stinks. So glad you are all alright. I know how frustrating it can be when the other driver does not have car insurance. Your attitude toward the entire situation amazes me! You remind me to stay positive and look at the good!


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