Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Memories // 2012

We've had quite the string-a-long of Christmas celebrations over the past couple weeks. Gifts, yummy goodies, sickness and fun all rolled into one!

Pre-Christmas date night. Granny watched the kids, while Scot and I went to dinner and a movie. A fabulous way to kick-off the holidays.

We celebrated Christmas early with the Cianci clan the weekend before.

Craft time at Grammy's making reindeer necklaces.

Opening new jammies on Christmas Eve.

Watching Santa on Santa Tracker.

Our cozy Christmas Eve at home.

Santa's gifts arrived. Stockings are filled. Presents are wrapped and under the tree...all before 10:00 p.m. (Best time yet!)

Christmas morning at home.

Santa brought a new riding pony for Connor.

And a Melissa and Doug art easel for Brooklyn. She was in awe.

Christmas toes!

The kids played and played all day.

The best Christmas present ever: My new camera from Scot. (We don't usually exchange gifts, but this year he really surprised me!)

The second-best Christmas present ever: Connor took his first steps!

We were supposed to leave for Ohio a couple days after Christmas, but Connor got sick. I took him to the doctor and he tested positive for strep and the flu. So, our trip to visit my family over New Year's got canceled. Then, I came down with the most awful case of the flu and stomach bug, while Scot was driving to pick up Jake in Ohio the following two days. (Once they got back, my flu turned into bronchitis and Scot got hit with it too. We felt like we were going to die for awhile, but we're slowly getting better...I think.)

We continued to open gifts in stages. Jake couldn't wait to open his once he got back from his dad's. His favorite was the Skylanders video game from Santa.

Then, the kids opened their final gifts from everyone in Ohio.

The decorations are fading. The tree is ready to come down. We may still be recovering from various sicknesses, but our blessings are overflowing.

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  1. So sorry you did not feel well! Poor Connor too!

    Hopefully your sickness quota has been met for the year.


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