Friday, December 7, 2012

Connor // One

Today is Connor's birthday and he is officially ONE! It's crazy to think about everything he's gone through since his little life was formed.

Emergency surgery to remove my left ovary. Discovering his little life right before surgery. Ultrasounds. Doctor's appointments. Bleeding, scary moments and lots of answered prayers. Daily progesterone pills. Bed rest for a month. Breastfeeding troubles. Hours of crying. Sleepless nights. Late-night drives. Upper GI x-ray. Reflux meds. Constant spit-up. Ultrasound. Emergency pyloric stenosis surgery. Circumcision surgery. Milk protein allergy. Expensive, special-ordered formula. Ear infections. Blood draws. Doctor's visits. Diaper rashes. Stool checks. Sicknesses and runny noses.

They were all worth every second just to have this little guy with us.

Here is the number one thing I love about Connor:

His joy.

His whole being just exudes joy and he brings so much joy to our little family. I thank God daily for bringing him into this world. I can't imagine our lives without him. He truly is a gift. Our little miracle.

I love you so much, Connor. Happy 1st birthday, sweet boy!

(Party details to follow...soon.)

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