Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Vote in Your Home

Melissa over at 320 Sycamore wrote this great post in honor of Election Day and it is so inspiring. Makes me grateful to be a mom, treasuring the many ways I can bless my children each day.

As we voted yesterday, I couldn’t help but think, will this even matter? This one vote?  
But today, I am grateful for a bigger vote I have: the influence in my home.  
No matter who leads in national and local governments, the largest movement for good I can or ever will have is right here in my home. I can inspire what goes on here. The mood in our home, how I respond to situations, how we take care of our money, how we deal with struggles and setbacks, what we teach our children about God, helping others, kindness, and love. Even monotonous things that make life a little easier for the ones I love like good food and clean socks.  
Some days it doesn’t seem like much. In fact, most days I wonder if I am doing any good and that I may be taking us backward. I have to believe though, that when my kids look back at their childhood, this or that election will be tiny compared to the feeling that we had in our home.

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