Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Connor // 11 months

Connor, you are 11 months old! Hard to believe you're almost one. You don't like sitting still to take photos nowadays, so I took pictures with your favorite blankie and captured a few goodies anyway. :)

You are on a strict dairy-free, casein-free (milk protein) diet now and seem to be doing pretty well. You drink rice milk in a sippy during the day and are down to one bottle of formula at night before bed. You had a big blood test done for allergies last week and we're waiting to get the results from that.

You still take two naps during the day. You go to bed at 7:30 p.m. and wake up around 6:30 a.m. You are a much lighter sleeper than your siblings were as babies, but white noise seems to help. We turn on the bathroom fan in the hall and white noise on the alarm clock in your room and you are golden (usually).

You aren't walking by yourself yet, but all you want to do is walk laps around the family room with your walker. Or, come check on me in the kitchen. You are just starting to open cabinets and pull out things, so you keep me on my toes. You are one busy, busy boy.

You don't like wearing socks...or shoes, for that matter. You pull them off whenever you get the chance and chew on them instead.

You still love to be held and cuddled. I treasure those special moments with you.

What were your brother and sister up to at this age?

At 11 months, Jacob and his 6-month old cousin, Isaac, experienced the state fair for the first time.

And Brooklyn started playing in the fall leaves.

You are our sweet bundle of joy. Happy 11 months, Connor!

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