Thursday, October 18, 2012


After church on Sunday, we headed over to Scot's parents for some good ol' pumpkin carving. We ate our packed lunches, then Papa and Jake went straight to work prepping them and cleaning them out.

Little did they know they had an audience...with a great view. :)

He had plenty of fun inside anyway. (We had to watch him like a hawk, though!)

Kris and Jenn came by with their kiddos and then the carving party got started.

The first year Jake's old enough to carve his own. Wow.

They turned out great. Just look at all those beauties.

(The kids were kinda done by this point, can you tell?)

Nothing a little taco soup won't help.

The pumpkins look great on our front porch.

Especially at night.

Now, we're really ready for Halloween!

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