Thursday, October 4, 2012

Organizing Our House

This week is Fall Break here, so the kids are out of school. Since Jake is away at his dad's, I thought it would be the perfect time to get some order in the closets and tiny crevices of our home. Those hidden places I just hate to look at.

The idea started with one goal: organize Jacob's closet to make room for Connor's clothes. (Brooklyn's closet is running out of space and we plan to move Connor into Jake's room in a few years anyway.) Well...that quickly turned into organizing Jake's bedroom, Brooklyn's closet, creating a game and craft center in the garage, re-doing the entire garage, and organizing a cabinet in our bedroom. Funny how that works, huh?

It took at least three full days to get everything where it needed to be, but I'm glad to say it's finally d-o-n-e!

Here's Jacob's closet before: (These are old pics so just imagine a much messier version.)

And after:

I cleaned out Jake's dresser. He has the top three drawers and Connor has the bottom three drawers.

More order in his desk drawers and bookcase again.

Brooklyn's closet has a little more space now, which is nice.



I moved the shelves around, cleaned off all the junk and created a game center in the garage. Hard to believe all those games were crammed into Jake's closet!



I created an arts and crafts center too.


I hung the kids' coats on the hooks and their hats and gloves are stored in the covered bench, a great place to sit and put on shoes. Love it!

So, of course, the entire garage got a little clean-up too.

This is definitely the most organized we've ever been in the past 7 years that we've lived in this house. With three young kids in a smaller home, we thought we had totally outgrown the place. But, the longer we're here, the more we're cleaning, organizing and making things fit just so. Working with what we have to meet all our needs.

We're making it feel and look like a home even more and I'm really starting to love it. Once our foundation gets fixed, we may never want to leave.

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