Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Our Wednesdays used to be the typical hump day, but now they've become the highlight of my week. A couple weeks ago, I joined BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and I love it. I feel welcome as soon as I walk through the church doors, enjoy fellowship with some lovely women and I leave feeling energized and refreshed for the week. So grateful for that.

Our new weekly ritual continues with a picnic lunch and some playtime at the Castle Park. It's shady and beautiful. Perfect weather this fall.

I sit down on a bench or the artificial grass. Block everything out. Watch my little ones run or crawl around, pick up mulch for the first time. Listen to their giggles, their screams of joy and games of chase. I take it all in...and enjoy precious moments like these.

We pick up Jacob from school and head home for the usual after-school stuff and our family dinner. We end the day when Jake attends the kids program at church.

Our Wednesdays are blessed days. A bright spot right in the middle of our week.

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  1. I do BSF here too - on Tuesday mornings and I am LOVING the Genesis study! :) So glad you're doing it too! :)


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