Monday, September 10, 2012

Healthy Living

Since Connor's been born, I think we've gotten in somewhat of a rut. We've always eaten mildly healthy, but lately it seems like breakfast and snack times have gotten out of control. We haven't exercised or played outside nearly as much as we'd like because of Connor's morning and afternoon naps. We've been so busy and more tired than ever, so family devotions and prayer time have taken a backseat too.

Having a baby around can do that to you, but we're ready to make some changes in our family this fall. We want to be healthy in all areas of our life.

Do you?

1. Start by diving into the Word and spending time with Him each day.

I use the Jesus Calling devotional and just love it. No matter how I'm feeling that day or what I'm going through, Jesus always meets me exactly where I am.

2. Spend time as a family reading God's Word and praying for each other.

We just started doing this again this week, and all of us were blessed. Jacob helped read the Scriptures and then we shared our prayer requests for the week that were written in our new family prayer journal. It was so neat to pray together and know what our children are going through right now. For instance, Brooklyn opened up and shared how two girls at preschool broke her heart last week when they said they wouldn't be her friend. We never would have known about that if we didn't have our special family time.

3. Guard your heart and mind.

Everything you see, everything you hear, everything you do and spend your money on impacts your life greatly. What goes in, must come out. I'm learning to say no and make better choices all around.

4. Eat healthy meals and snacks.

I'm not a health-nut. I can't afford to buy things organic. But, I can add more fruits and veggies into our diets and make better food choices. We'll still have soda and sugary-kid cereals, it just won't be for everyday.

5. Exercise regularly.

Since we don't have our membership to the Y anymore, my exercise routine is non-existent. But, I am going to try to take more walks in the neighborhood and get busy doing something. Even if that means just playing hopscotch on the driveway. Oh, and try to get in bed earlier too. :)

That's it. Nothing fancy. Just a few things we're doing to lead healthier lives. For us and our children.

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