Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jacob // Ten

We've been so consumed in house-craziness lately, but I wanted to document a very special day last Friday. Jake's 10th birthday!

Even though we had the appraisal and inspection coming up, I did a little decorating anyway.

His early morning birthday treats before school.

And store-bought cookies for his friends and teachers at school.

After school, we took Connor to the doctor again (a double ear infection...ouch!) and headed to Target for Jake's birthday present. I let him pick out whatever bike he wanted and the bright yellow mountain bike was the winner.

This mohawk helmet looked so cool on him, we had to get that too.

My busy shopping crew. :)

We had fried chicken with corn and rolls for dinner (as Jake requested) and finished celebrating his birthday at home.

On Saturday, Jake and his friends celebrated in style by eating lunch and playing around at Dave & Buster's. These guys were pumped.

They played several rounds of bowling.

After bowling, we gave Jake the option to play arcade games or go to a movie and he went with the movie instead.

The day ended with a bang. Cookie cake, Jake's favorite dessert every year.

In brand-new birthday style, here are 10 things I love about Jake:

1. He has a kind heart. He gives and helps others, without asking for anything in return.

2. He's a hard worker. He may need a little pushing, but he can fold laundry, vacuum and get ready for school on his own every morning like nobody's business. Homework? Still working on that one. :)

3. He's a great friend.

4. He loves chocolate, just like his mom.

5. He's a good brother. He holds and feeds Connor, sits and plays with Brooklyn and babysits when I take a shower.

6. He's competitive. It doesn't matter if he's playing memory or soccer or just doing school work, he always likes to win.

7. He's cute. Who can resist those little freckles?

8. He loves Legos. He can build just about anything.

9. He's grateful for everything. Always telling me thank you for food, clothing, school stuff, whatever.

10. He loves God and gets excited about worshipping at church every Sunday.

He's one special kid. And I'm grateful for those ten precious years that I've spent with him. Here's to many, many more!

Happy 10th birthday, Jake. We love you!

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