Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home Tour

Since our house officially goes on the market tomorrow, I thought I'd do a little home tour for all of you in blogland.

Our house has gone through some changes over the last several years. Here's what it looked like when Scot bought it 9 years ago.

Then, we had the roof replaced with brown architectural shingles a couple years ago and it started looking a lot better.

We've done a ton of work just in the last few days to make the house look even better. We've removed three thorn bushes, trimmed bushes, spread new mulch, painted shutters, put planters by the front door and cleaned the windows.

The house looks so much better. I just wish we had done all this years ago so we could have enjoyed it more. Not bad for a 16-year old house, though, huh!

The back of the house. We love the big backyard.

Scot spent two full days pressure-washing the deck and it almost looks brand-new.

The family room with vaulted ceilings and a corner fireplace:

Our spacious eat-in kitchen (which we love):

The laundry area:

Our master bedroom and bathroom:

Jacob's bedroom:

The kids' bathroom:

Brooklyn and Connor's bedroom:

Oh, we're going to miss this place. There's so many memories hidden inside these walls.

This is the house Scot and I hung out in when we were dating out-of-state.
It's the house we came home to after we first got married.
This is where we started our new life as a blended family of three.
It's the place where Scot became a dad for the first time.
It's where we cried when Scot lost his job after 8 years at the bank.
And where Scot spent hours and hours working his ebay business in the garage.
This is the place we were standing when we discovered our two surprise pregnancies.
It's where I laid around when I was on bed rest and where we recovered after every surgery.
It's the first place we came to after we left the hospital with both of our babies.
It's where we grieved the deaths of our grandparents and father.
It's where Brooklyn started crawling and took her first steps.
It's where we potty-trained the kids and where they played day after day after day.
They played in the sprinkler and kiddie pool in the summers and made snow angels in the winters.
It's where Jacob and Brooklyn took on their new roles as "big brother" and "big sister."
It's where we paced back and forth night after night when baby Connor cried in pain.
It's where we made lunches and worked on homework and school projects.
It's where we baked goodies and decorated gingerbread houses at Christmas.
It's that little corner in the kitchen where the kids stood when they were sent to time-out.
It's the place we laughed and had petty arguments in.
It's a football hang-out and place we invited friends to.
It's the cooking and cleaning and those countless family dinners we had in the kitchen every night.
It's those favorite family movie and game nights on the weekends.
It's where we grew and changed and molded into a family of five.
It's where we hugged and asked for forgiveness, thankful for new mercies the next day.
It's the place we laid our sleepy heads down at night and thanked God for a roof over our heads.

It's our first home. And we're sure going to miss it.

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