Monday, August 6, 2012

Ever Seen This?

I found this little guy crawling in our garage last week. I immediately ran and grabbed one of the kids' plastic bug cages to contain him, and then called our bug guy. The bug guy came out that afternoon and told us it was a velvet ant. (Hence, the velvet-ty, fuzzy body.) Apparently, it's a wasp without wings. There's no stinger, but they have nasty fangs and a terrible bite...one that could possibly land you in the ER.


He's seen more and more velvet ants around this area, but he's never had anyone contain them. So, he said I was pretty brave. (Or stupid, for that matter. I knew it was something I had never seen before and I was worried to squish him with my flip-flops on, so maybe I made the right decision after all...)

Anyhow, he took the velvet ant with him and sprayed the house for bugs again, just in case.

I was glad to say goodbye to our new friend. As pretty as they look, we hope to never see one of these freakish ants again!

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