Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Funny Story

The house hunting process has been pretty stressful for us this past week. We've had highs and lows and everything in-between. It's been way more difficult than we ever expected, but something funny happened last week and made us laugh so hard that I had to share.

Here's my funny little story.

It was 2:30 p.m. After cleaning and straightening, picking up toys for the hundredth time and making our home all shiny and spotless, I rush the kids out the door so we can leave before the professional photographer shows up at 3:00 to take pictures and video of our house. (Our realtor pre-paid the photographer up-front, even though we had already accepted our buyers' offer by this point.)

I make sure everyone's buckled in the van and start putting my seat belt on when Brooklyn says she can't close the side door. I get out of the van and try to pull the door closed with the handle. The automatic door immediately goes limp and acts like it fell off the track or something. Since that doesn't work, I try pushing the button inside to close the door. It does nothing. Not even a sound. I run through this again and again with the same results, getting more and more frustrated as I go.

The side door just won't close.

I vent. I yell. "Seriously? This is the last thing I need right now!!"

When I question the kids about what happened, Brooklyn confesses and says she yanked open the side door as hard as she could instead of waiting for Jake to open it. I tell Brooklyn she has to be patient from now on and wait for Jake or an adult to open it because the automatic door could break.

I'm fuming inside, but I figure out the driver's seat button can close the side door, even though the kids' button in the back still doesn't work. Exhausted, hungry and feeling very poor all of sudden, I call the car dealership and make an immediate appointment to get the van door looked at. I tell the service guy what happened and he says, "Ooh, that doesn't sound good."

We leave the house, grab a late lunch at the drive-thru and head straight for the dealership (rather than my original plan of looking for houses.) Let's just say, I'm not happy at this point. And when mama's not happy, we're all not happy.

I pull into the dealership and put the van in park. I gather all my stuff together, preparing to spend two hours or more in the waiting room with three restless children. I get ready to open the side doors with the driver's seat buttons and realize the button on the far right is pushed up. I've never even noticed that button before, but I push it back down anyway. I tell Brooklyn to test her button on the side door one last time and, lo and behold, the side door opens without a hitch. I look up at the button on the far right and see that it's the child-safety lock for the side doors. So...it had somehow been activated the whole time!

Boy, did I feel stupid.

A sense of relief immediately washes over me. I say thank you to God over and over, make sincere apologies to the kids, put a smile on my face and head back to house hunting. Thinking of all the money we saved from a car repair that never was.

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