Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This guy went from sitting in the booster like this:  (since he outgrew the Bumbo)

To sitting like this on his own. It happened overnight.

He's still learning, though. :)

He loves his new walker toy. He's got a whole new perspective on things. Literally.

He's scooting and rolling all over the place now. I'm thankful he hasn't started crawling just yet.

109. Seriously?? I thought that was bad and then it hit 116-degrees the next day.

My typical outfit these days.

It was hotter-than-Hades for weeks, so we welcomed the rain (and the cooler 90-degree temps) as soon as it came.

Which brings about the best summer reading.

This girl sure loves to pose.

Jake finally put his Lego castle together from last summer and decided it's pretty cool.

We've got a bird's nest in the wreath on our front door. The kids can't wait to see the egg hatch!

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