Monday, July 30, 2012


There's a whole lot of "new" going on lately.

Connor's been learning the art of the sippy. Some days (or moments) he does well. Other times, he thinks it's just a game.

Since Connor's been sitting up so well this month, bathtime has become a whole new world. He kicks and squeals and splashes and grabs every toy he can reach. It's so fun to watch.

Connor outgrew his infant car seat, so he had to move up to a new convertible seat. We got one that could rear-face till he's at least a year and this sucker is huge. I think they just keep getting bigger and bigger. At least he's safe and comfy, though.

Connor sat in the shopping cart at Dollar Tree and Target for the first time last week and loved his new view.

Jake got a new pair of glasses. Boy, does he look old.

The kids love coloring with their new crayons.

Connor got a new crib. (Just $140 from craigslist and it converts to a toddler crib too. Sweet!) There's not a lot of space in Brooklyn's room, but the little guy doesn't seem to mind.

Oh, and this kid is finishing up his new swim lessons this week. We'll find out if he passes Level 4 on Thursday.

There's some other new changes in our family too.

We've decided to put our house on the market, which means some major house hunting is about to begin. We desperately need more space. It may take us a year to find something that meets our family's needs and fits within our budget, but we're seeking God's guidance and direction as we make all these crazy, important decisions...and, hopefully, we'll stay sane in the process.

Man, sometimes new is hard. But, new can be exciting too.

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