Monday, July 2, 2012


The last few days have been quite eventful. On Saturday, Scot and I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom as we prepared for Jacob's arrival that evening. Beds were made, bathrooms were cleaned, banners were made. We wanted Jake to feel loved and know that he was definitely missed the last month.

We loaded the kids in the van (including Jake's best friend, Michael) and headed to the airport, posters in hand.

Here's the super-happy waiting crew. :)

His plane arrived early. I've never been so happy to see that purple, orange and red plane in all my life.

Jake walked thru the gate. We hugged and I held back the tears.

We walked down the concourse, rounded the corner and, eventually, Jake saw Michael and Brookln holding their signs at the window. He was so surprised to see his friend, he bolted for the waiting room.

It was one happy reunion for sure.

We celebrated Jake's homecoming with his restaurant-of-choice, Cici's Pizza. Not surprising, but it made us laugh.

We came home and the kids made up some snuggle time.

Yesterday was a day full of adjusting to a new church, different family, different rules, different homelife. Jake had a horrible attitude for the first 24 hours and we could tell he was really struggling. Last night we had our first come-to-Jesus meeting, and Jake finally felt safe enough to share his feelings and talk about his monthly trip.

He was basically neglected and uncared for during the past month. He lived without air-conditioning in the 100-degree heat. There were spiders and bugs in the house since the windows were left open and they lived out in the country. He watched tv and played video games whenever he wanted. He ate whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He went to a babysitter's house every afternoon. He was bored and pretty much ignored and disrespected the entire time he was there.

Even the most simple basic needs weren't met. His nails were disgusting, his hair needed cut, his sore ankle needed looked at, his tennis shoes didn't fit, he needed new socks and underwear and his glasses needed an adjustment. It was overwhelming just thinking of all we needed to do this week and then all the retraining we'll have to do in the next few weeks, but sweet little moments like these have made everything else disappear.

I'm so glad he's home.

I'm so glad he's safe.

I'm so glad his heart is still pure and kind.

I'm so glad he's ours. We missed him so.

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