Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July // 2012

We started our Fourth of July celebration with a little fireworks the night before the big day. Nothing extreme, but it was enough to get the kids all excited. Brooklyn said over and over, "This is the best day ever!!"

(Little did we know our county put a ban on fireworks that day due to the 100-degree heat.)

On the 4th, we had barbecue pork, pasta salad and corn on the cob for lunch. With sweet tea, of course.

Then, we had a rousing game of Life. 80's-style.

White chocolate-covered strawberries were made for the occasion.

We headed downtown around 6 pm. Our favorite place to enjoy fireworks and food with friends every year. Here's our usual spot.

And we get this spectacular view.

We ate homemade subs and played around on the courthouse lawn.

The kids had a blast in the fountains.

Once the first boom of the fireworks hit, Connor started wailing. But, then he held tight to my arm and was fine the rest of the time. He even fell asleep during the crazy loud booms in the finale.

Nashville put on a great show like always.

A beautiful way to end this memorable day.

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