Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Connor // 7 months

[Oh, it's a good three-weeks overdue, but at least I'm posting this before the 8-month mark hits. Right??]

Connor, you are 7 months old! You weigh 22 pounds now (and then some.) You still wear 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers, although I've noticed some of your clothes are getting a little tight.

You are eating 24 ounces of formula and 5 jars of baby food a day. You've tried a few puffs and Cheerios, but you choke like crazy so we're waiting on snacks for now.

You go to bed at 7:30 pm and wake up between 6:30-7:30 am. You take two naps a day, one at 9 am and another at 1:00 pm. You are pretty predictable these days.

You are still taking Zantac and Prevacid twice a day for reflux.

What were your brother and sister up to at this age?

At 7 months, Jacob was sitting up all on his own.

And we vacationed to Florida when Brooklyn was 7 months old. Unfortunately, she got her first (and only, so far) double ear infection and Scot got the flu while we were there, so we ended our trip early. But, it was so fun to stay at Scot's Nana's and enjoy some downtime on the beach.

You've gone through a few changes this month. You're sitting up almost totally on your own. (Best and saddest thing ever.) You've adjusted to a new car seat. You've tried drinking from a sippy cup, but we haven't had much luck yet. (We're going to try a straw sippy next.) We're working on getting a new crib for you. And all that teething the last couple months has finally paid off. Your two top teeth have popped thru so you have a total of four teeth now!

You are scooting and rolling all over the place. Even though you're not crawling yet, you are busy, busy, busy all day long.

You move your hands and feet constantly, just like your brother did as a baby.

You are quite the snuggler. You love to burrow your head in our necks while you wrap those little arms around our necks and squeeze as hard as you can. You love kisses and hugs and you love to give them right back. You hug everyone. The nursery workers at church just love you and so do we.

You are truly one-of-a-kind and we're blessed to have you in our lives.

We love you, Connor. Happy 7 months. (Those big blue eyes had me a long time ago.)

Connor // 6 months

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