Friday, July 6, 2012

Brooklyn's Swim Lessons

Brooklyn's last day of swim lessons was Thursday this week and all the parents got to come watch. Last year she was in the preschool class, and this summer she took Level 1. We were amazed at how much she learned in just two weeks time.

Here's the sweaty class before they got started: (It was a blistering 116-degrees, no joke.)

The first skill to learn was the front float.

Next, it was the back float.

Then, she took off and was full-blown swimming.

She even tried the final assessment like they do at the end of Level 2. With just a little more practice on her rolling, she'll easily be able to complete Level 2 next summer. This girl isn't afraid of anything.

So, so proud of our 4-year old mermaid. :)

Looks like we'll definitely be back again next year. Jake just has to complete his swim lessons first!

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