Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ohio Trip

We just got back from Ohio a couple days ago and I'm still in recovery mode. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but it was so fun spending time with family and friends. We had a long, busy weekend.

We went to an indoor waterpark one day.

We had a homecooked meal with family. Sister, grandparents, cousins. (Thanks, Mom!)

Our court hearing was canceled, so we met up with my college roommie, Amy, and her twins at a nearby bouncy place. It was so good to see her and her little ones since it's been like what...12 years? I don't know. But, it's been way too long and I'm so glad we found each other again. Just wish we had more time.

After almost getting lost and signing paperwork at our attorney's office downtown, we stopped by Al's Delicious Popcorn and filled our bags to the brim with all kinds of different flavored popcorn.

We met up with my other friend, Amy, and her husband and son, Hayden, at Graeter's. We ate yummy ice cream and the kids played in the play area. Amy and I met about 9.5 years ago during swim lessons at Westerville Athletic Club when our boys were babies. We also got together in playgroup all the time, so the boys were best buddies. Hard to believe how old they look now!

We dropped Jacob off with his dad at the mall and said our goodbyes for the month. It was so hard to see him go. I sure hope June goes by quick!

After much persuasion, I got a pedicure and a much-needed haircut. My mom's friend, Janet, has been cutting my hair since I was little so it was neat to see her again. And I have to admit, it felt good to get away and be pampered for a bit.

Brooklyn loved playing the piano with Mamaw.

And the kids got lots of hugs and kisses and playtime with their Mamaw and Papaw during our stay.

Then, we packed up the van and made the long trek home. The 450-mile drive takes forever with two (or three) little ones, especially when one's a spit-up baby who gets a bottle and baby food every meal. But, we made it!

We got home and unpacked. Ran errands, went to the grocery. And then I got hit with the stomach flu. So, now we're enjoying lots of movie days and down-time on the couch until this awful stuff passes.

Just seeing these two together at home makes me feel better already.

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