Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on Connor

The day of surgery started early. Here we are in the 3rd floor waiting room at Vanderbilt yesterday morning. It was 5:45 am...way too early for us, but Connor didn't seem to mind.

We walked back to the pre-op room and Connor reached out for our sweet nurse right away. After talking with the nurses, Dr. Tanaka and the pediatric anesthesiology team, Connor got prepped for surgery. We knew he was in good hands.

He hadn't eaten anything since 6:30 the night before so he was starving at this point. But, we tried to keep him distracted with a bag-full of toys and his paci to suck on. What a lifesaver.

The surgery lasted about an hour and Connor did great! Dr. Tanaka said she did the circumcision and a little reconstruction so everything will look and function normally. His hydrocele wasn't even a serious problem, so it should go away by the time he's two. We were so relieved.

A little over an hour later, and I was holding him in recovery. He was groggy and really fussy at first, so the nurse gave him something for nausea and pain.

After that, he konked out and fell asleep for awhile.

We were sent to a holding room to let him sleep, but it didn't take long for our little man to perk right up. He ate an 8-ounce bottle of Pedialyte with no trouble at all. Minutes later, we were sent home.

As soon as we got home, Connor took his first bottle. I laid down with him in our bed and he fell asleep for a couple hours. He was so tired.

After his nap, he was rested and full of smiles. He was spitting and blowing bubbles. We knew he was feeling better already.

This morning he was ready for solids and has been doing great since then.

Eating, playing, pooping, sleeping. Yep, things are back to normal around here. :)

Thank goodness. He's one strong little kid.

Thanks for all your prayers.

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