Monday, May 21, 2012

Soccer Recap

The kids had their last soccer games on Saturday. Brooklyn's Ripples team played their first real game with another 4-year old team. They had never done that before, so it was a big deal. The kids were excited to play and the parents were just as excited to watch.

She's into it...

She's into it...sorta.

And...she's done. She got so frustrated that she couldn't get the ball fast enough. I'm afraid she's inherited her mama's desire for perfection and if she can't get it right, she just gives up. We're working with her on that one.

Oh, well. I'm glad she stuck with it and kept playing a little each week. We're so proud!

I have to say, I'll miss seeing her little dance moves and cheers during practice though. :)

Jacob's soccer team had their end-of-the-season party at practice last week.

The team had a bit of a bumpy start. The head coach realized he had too much on his plate this spring, so Scot stepped in and did most of the coaching.

I was so proud to hear Scot's little speech to the team and watch him love on the boys this year. He may not have had a ton of soccer experience under his belt, but he did an awesome job coaching those U-10 boys and encouraging them to give their all. He stayed on them like crazy, and the boys (and parents) really respected him for that.

It was neat for him to give the trophy to Jake, knowing how hard he's played this year.

The boys played hard at their last game and it sure paid off. They won 7-2.

Grammy and Papa came to watch too.

The kids had fun, but after 3.5 hours at the soccer park in the blazing heat, we were all exhausted.

And, just like that, spring soccer is over.

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