Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Best little helper when cleaning the bathrooms.

Blue sparkly toes.

The Frog Prince marionette show at the downtown library. It's totally free and Brooklyn loved it!

A typical day with a reflux baby. :)

Brooklyn's recital dress that she never got to wear. She's going to be one beautiful ballerina for Halloween this year.

The boys playing around after dinner.

Building crazy ships with Trios.

This kid loves the exersaucer, although it doesn't love him. He spits up all over the place every. single. time. Ugh.

Celebrating Papa's birthday with Scot's family.

Last day to pick up report cards at school and Jake did awesome! We're so proud.

First trip to the library.

Sunday lunch and balloon animals go hand-in-hand at the Spaghetti Factory.

My new sign that will be up a lot this summer. The kids just love it. Ha! :)

One sleepy girl.

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