Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Big brother tries to calm down the little guy.

School ends right in the middle of Connor's afternoon nap. Sometimes he's happy.

Sometimes he's not.

Connor's first and last time in the Boppy with the new snack tray. (His left leg turned blue and purple because he's so big!)

Brooklyn rearranged her dress-up stuff during quiet time. (Can you see fashion design in her future?)

New 12-month clothes means this little guy doesn't look like a baby anymore. :(

He even wears regular pajamas now.

Picking up Jake from the airport.

More playtime with friends.

Connor scoots off his play mat now.

And kicks his foot up on the window to show off. :)

Or plays with his feet and attempts to roll over...until he gives up and falls asleep.


  1. We're close to putting Weston in regular pajamas too! He is just so LONG!

    What is the suction cup toy you have on Connor's play tray? Weston loves things he can spin around like that and it would be nice to have something that stays on his tray!

  2. That is a Fisher Price rainforest toy that I got when Brooklyn was a baby. I'm not sure if they still sell that one now, but I know Infantino, Bright Starts and Sassy make ones like that at Babies R Us. It's always been a favorite with my kids. Can't believe our boys are so big!


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