Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend {2012}

Scenes from my Mother's Day weekend...

Early morning doctor's appointment on Friday with Connor's urologist at Vanderbilt.

Exploring around downtown.

Watching the Tall Tale Circus play at the downtown library.

Eating our picnic lunch in the courtyard.

Having friends over for movie night.

P.F. Chang's frozen meals for dinner. (So good!)

Brooklyn's Saturday morning soccer game. And she actually played the whole time!

Scot and Jake stayed for his mini-practice and game afterward, while I took the little ones home. Brooklyn painted with watercolors and worked on puzzles. Scot and his brother cleaned gutters and fixed electrical outlets later on. We had pizzas for dinner at Kris and Jennifer's.

Sunday morning, Connor woke up at 5 am and slept in bed with us for awhile. Later on, I took a shower, shaved my legs and came out to see this.

Bed made, lights dim, soothing music playing and I was alone...for a few minutes. While Scot fixed sausage balls for breakfast. Best morning ever. (Thank you, babe.)

Scot took us to lunch at Cracker Barrel. The kids kept busy and looked around during the 45-minute wait.

We attempted a family pic, but Brooklyn wasn't in the mood. Ah, that's real life for ya.

Scot got a smoothie and went to his mom's with Jake. I stayed home with Connor and Brooklyn, who both took afternoon naps. (Yay!) I got inspired by listening to Rachel's testimony, read, took some medicine for my pounding headache and had a little cat-nap on the couch.

When Scot got back, I got a smoothie.

And went to one of the best places in the world. A nail salon. I get giddy just looking at this place.

Love my summer-y toes. :)

The kids may be fighting. Connor may be fussy. Brooklyn may throw a fit since she can't buy a new toy. And I may have a killer headache.

But, these three are my little gems. And I'm so proud to be their mother for life.

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