Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School

Yesterday was Jacob's last day of school and it was quite eventful.

It started with the fourth grade end-of-the-year pizza party. Mrs. Muggu opened the class gift. (And got her baby-fix by holding Connor for a bit.)

The class ate pizza and snacks.

The kids took turns with computer time.

Mrs. Muggu led a party line dance around the room. (Soo fun!)

There was more dancing.

I couldn't believe it, Connor slept thru most of it.

A talent show.

And more line dancing for everyone - parents included. I've never had so much fun on the last day of school. We were all cracking up and having the best time.

Love these kids.

Best teacher in the world. Man, we're going to miss her next year.

Quick stop at Culver's for a special treat.

And then we headed to the doctor for a raised bump on Jacob's knee. Turns out he has MRSA, but thankfully, we caught it early on. After the doctor's orders of soaking, squeezing the area and applying ointment 3 times a day, taking antibiotics for 10 days and keeping the area well-bandaged, Jake spent the rest of the day like this. (While Scot and I washed towels, sheets and anything else that might have been contaminated.)

Today we took Scot to lunch and said hello to all his coworkers at work (which the kids loved) so it wasn't such a bad day after all.

We just had a little more of a bumpy start to the summer than I had anticipated. Let the summer begin!

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