Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Solid Foods

Connor has been eating four 8-ounce bottles (32-ounces a day) for a couple months now. Just recently, he started waking up earlier in the morning and acting hungry throughout the day, so I decided to start solid foods today.

He had his first taste of rice cereal at 7:30 this morning and let me just say, he got the hang of it real quick. Here's a quick recap in pictures.

(Okay. I'll admit taking pictures with your left hand while feeding a squirmy baby and keeping a hungry preschooler entertained isn't easy.)

We made quite the mess. And, apparently, I didn't go as fast as Connor would have liked, but all in all, he loved his cereal. He looked like such a big boy. (Sniff, sniff)

Now, I just have to get used to this new seat and a new little person sitting at the table.

Not sure I'm ready for all this, but a boy's gotta eat sometime, right?

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