Monday, April 30, 2012


I love clean grapes all ready-to-go in the fridge.

Found a new table runner for $9 at Walmart. (Can you believe it's vinyl?)

My laundry helper. (He's the best.)

Reading books before bed.

Brooklyn's new favorite dance.


Jake and I had an afternoon date at Sweet Cece's. We talked about volcanoes, brain-eating bugs in Australia and his goals for high school and college. All while enjoying our yummy frozen treats.

I loved spending that time with him...goofy faces and all. (Even if we had to get groceries at Walmart afterwards.)

Brooklyn and I watched the My Little Pony wedding on the hub.

She invited some of her favorite friends, of course.

Washing dishes with the little guy.

Just playing around with bubble guns.

Sleeping buddies.

Tea parties and indoor picnics with friends.

Rocking my little ones.

Connor found some new toys to play with. :)

And he's got two bottom teeth now!

I tell you, this boy lights up our lives.

He may wake us up through the night because of those sore gums.

But, he's a complete joy. A gift to us all in this family of five.

Favorite quotes of the week:

Brooklyn (at the ob/gyn's office) - "I'm going to be preg-neck next!"

Brooklyn (when daddy had poison ivy all over his arm) - "We still love him anyway, right Mommy?"

(A conversation while waiting in the carpool line at school)
Brooklyn - "How do we get to heaven?"
Me - "Jesus lifts us up and takes us to heaven when he's ready."
Brooklyn - "But I'm scared that Jesus might be hairy all over."
Me - "Oh, you don't need to be scared of him. He's the best daddy in the whole world."
Brooklyn - "No, our daddy is the best daddy ever! But Jesus' hairy arms still scare me."

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