Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Bottles all lined up and ready for the day.

This kid loves to swing.

Tummy time.

My favorite corner of the house. (Thanks to our dear neighbor for letting us borrow her rocking chair.) Now, I can rock Connor and sing songs to him every night before bed. Our new nightly ritual.

A trip to the doctor's with all the kids. Connor had his well check-up and Jacob's finger wasn't broken after all, just sprained.

This guy was happy...until the nurse pulled out the needles.

Our formula stash. We've added a few more cases since then, so I think we've got enough to last us thru the summer...July or August at the earliest.

Hanging out with dad.

Cute little feet at breakfast.

And poison ivy. Scot got poison ivy in our backyard on Easter Sunday and it's been driving him nuts all week. Even with the $40 tube of Zanfel. (It looks even worse now.) Hopefully, it will go away soon.

Happy tax day! (ugh)

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