Friday, April 27, 2012

Flying Solo

On Wednesday, Scot flew out to Chicago so I've been flying solo with the kids for the last couple of days. We have kept ourselves pretty busy.

Brooklyn went to Mary Hudson's 4th birthday party and had fun with friends.

Check out what Connor was busy doing. Hilarious!

I surprised the kids with Sonic drinks and chocolate chip Goldfish after school.

Then, we headed to the outlets at Opry Mills. (The mall's been closed for over two years due to all the flood damage, but it's finally open now.) The kids and I just love this place.

Jake was enthralled with these helicopters.

And Brooklyn just stood there and stared in awe at the Forever 21 store because they had lit boxes on display that changed colors. (She's my rainbow girl, that's for sure.)

The Aquarium Restaurant was definitely the kids' favorite.

Connor had his mouth open the whole time.

We even got to see two scuba divers cleaning the coral reef in the big tank.

Jake picked out a shark's tooth necklace in the gift shop.

Brooklyn picked out two small dolphins. (One boy, one girl)

Connor just chilled...

and eventually fell asleep.

The LEGO store - and it's huge! Jake could barely contain himself, he was so excited.

The talking tree at the Rainforest Cafe freaked out the kids so much they wouldn't go near it.

We ate dinner in the food court. (After I took Brooklyn to the bathroom, fed Connor baby food and a bottle, changed a poopy diaper...then I ate my cold food. Isn't that the life of a mom?)

The kids flipped a coin and took turns sleeping with me each night.

We broke out the Play-doh.

And the Candy Land Castle game.

We did some Hello Kitty tattoo art.

Folded loads and loads of laundry.

The kids requested pigs-in-a-blanket and mac-n-cheese for dinner.

Jake went to soccer practice.

While we took a walk around the field.

And I made a special lunch to celebrate Jake's last day of TCAP tests this week. They're finally over!

What did I learn over the past few days?

Being a single mom with three kids is hard. You need a lot of extra patience in the morning. Connor woke up around 5:30-6:00 am. I fed and changed him, made sure Jake got breakfast, woke up Brooklyn and we all loaded in the van to get Jake to school by 7:30. I was ready for a nap by 10!

Apparently, I don't use the "fast way" to school like Scotty does.

The kids think dad's more fun, but they like my cooking and my hugs and kisses.

Only dad knows if a knee is truly injured during soccer practice.

I missed having an adult around to talk to. The extra help with the kids and chores around the house. Someone to watch tv with. Someone to laugh at my crazy made-up lyrics to songs I barely even know.

I missed my best friend. And my kids missed their dad.


  1. It is so hard when you are the only one! I think it is good though, because it helps us appreciate our husbands! It looks like the kids had a great time.

  2. Hey Chauncey- this is Jenny Spottswood from MOPs! Just wanted to tell you I love your blog! I don't know how you manage to do all these fun outings with a baby in tow! You are awesome! Glad you all are doing well!


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