Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter // 2012

Our Easter weekend was pretty busy. We did the usual things like going to the park, cheering at soccer games and playing in the backyard, but our family traditions always make each holiday special. Easter was no different this year.

Resurrection Rolls

We made Resurrection Rolls for the first time this year. Before we started, Jacob read Matthew 27-28 aloud, which reminded us of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

The kids were given four marshmallows each (which represented Jesus...all white and pure since he was without sin). They rolled the marshmallows in melted butter (which symbolized the embalming oils) and cinnamon and sugar (which represented the spices used to prepare his body for burial). Then wrapped them in crescent roll triangles (which represented the cloth Jesus was wrapped in) and we put them in the oven (which symbolized the tomb).

We opened the tomb and removed the rolls. We broke them open and saw the tomb was empty. He is risen indeed!

The kids loved that part.

Easter gifts

The kids opened Easter goodies from grandparents. (Thank you, Mums and Pops and Mamaw and Papaw!)

Decorating eggs

We colored two dozen eggs. Something the kids always look forward to.

This year they decorated the colored eggs with funny face stickers, wigs and hats.

Easter service

We attended a fabulous Easter service at our church on Saturday night. They showed a video of a man sharing his testimony and it was so moving. There wasn't one dry eye in the crowd. It was obvious God had changed this man's life. His past had something we all could relate to. And his eternal future is something we all want. To be free.

Easter Sunday

The kids woke up to find these in front of the fireplace.

They were so excited to tear into their baskets.

Connor loved his new Buzz.

I made homemade chocolate chip muffins with strawberries for breakfast.

We had a 12:00 reservation for lunch at Miller's Grocery, one of the oldest and cutest little restaurants in the middle of nowhere. Their home-style Southern cooking and desserts are delicious!

Connor slept while we ate.

Then, we headed outside for some pictures. (Not everyone cooperated, but I'll treasure these pictures forever.)

{Love, love, love. Screaming baby and all.}

Jesus: He Lived Among Us

We came home from lunch and took a break while watching this animated Jesus movie. The kids were enthralled with watching his life, death and resurrection on the screen. A good reminder of what Easter is really all about.

Easter egg hunt

The last thing we did after the movie was our annual egg hunt in the backyard. Scot always does a great job hiding the eggs and the kids run wild in search of their colored eggs. (Jacob has blue and Brooklyn has pink. Go figure.)

Her excitement is just contagious.

Jacob got tired of looking after awhile, but he finally found the golden egg hidden in the mailbox. (With a little help from mom.)

And Brookln found the silver egg on the side of the house near the hose. She was thrilled to find two dollars inside.

It was a fun weekend. A memorable weekend full of nothing but hope. Because of what He's done for us, we're all brand new.

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  1. I love the idea to give each kid a color for the egg hunt. I think I might steal that for next year.


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