Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Keepsakes

When Brooklyn was born, my mother-in-law gave us a bag of Scot's baby things that she had carefully saved in their attic over the years. It meant so much to me (and Scot), so I decided to make a baby keepsake bag for each one of my kids too.

It's nothing fancy, but here's what Connor's looks like. Just a big ol' Ziploc bag.

I labeled each one.

Things I include are: baby's first pair of shoes, personalized blankets, sleep sack, swaddling blankets, going-home outfit, favorite clothes, hats, bibs. I even include baby's first brush or comb and any other momentos they might have.

The going-home outfit is a must, in my opinion.

Here's Connor's hospital outfit, hat and receiving blanket that he wore when he had surgery at 9 weeks.

I always include my favorites too.

The best part? The bags zip right up and they don't ever collect dust. And it's something special to pass down to generations to come.

I hope my kids appreciate these keepsakes one day when they have little ones of their own.

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