Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Scot's company had their annual employee-of-the-year event at the Opryland Hotel this weekend. Scot and the rest of the HR team worked at the hotel all day Friday, including the awards dinner Friday night. After the awards dinner, he headed back to his hotel room, ordered room service and enjoyed one whole night in his hotel room alone. Then, all of us crazies arrived on Saturday morning to stay the rest of the weekend.

We ate lunch in the Cascades.

While Connor took a nap in the stroller. (He loves that thing.)

Brooklyn borrowed my sweater and provided our entertainment for the day.

We checked out our beautiful surroundings.

And headed to the pool. The indoor pool was closed for repairs, but the 80-degree weather and the heated outdoor pool worked out just fine.

Connor and I watched and had some fun of our own. Until it started to rain.

Scot took the big kids to an excursion at the Wildhorse Saloon later that afternoon, while the C-man and I napped. Afterwards, we met up for pizza and ice cream. Our table was right by the fountains and the kids loved it! It was quite the show.

The hotel looks beautiful at night.

And it's just as pretty in the morning.

Who would have ever thought we'd need this much stuff for just one night? (Pack-n-play, car seat, stroller, bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, suitcases, swim suits, pillows...the list went on and on.)

Five people in one hotel room is a little crammed, but it's all worth it. Our little weekend getaway was full of great memories. Crazy kids and all.

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