Thursday, March 29, 2012


Celebrating Jacob's best friend's 10th birthday over spring break. (Strawberry cake included.)

A yummy ice cream treat at Culver's.

Connor loves his new toy. (Can't believe he's grasping things now!)

Castle fun. (She loves playing with all of Jake's knights and bad guys while he's away at school.)

He's sucking his thumb now. Just like his big brother years ago.

Brooklyn found an inch worm in the driveway and thought he was so cute. Then, she accidentally squooshed the little guy and started sobbing. Oh, dear.

Scot has been busy helping Jacob on his science project all week. He had to research a scientist, write a one-page paper and make a circuit board that listed ten questions on the left and ten jumbled answers on the right. He had to match the right wires with the right question and answer so when the brass brackets are connected to a battery with wire the light bulb lights up. Man alive, fourth grade is hard!

Just look at all those wires! (Thank goodness for dad.)

Jake's also been busy on his reading project. He read Tomie DePaola's nonfiction book called 26 Fairmount Avenue and created this scene showing the house DePaola grew up in.

Brooklyn's all ready for soccer. Her first game is Saturday...we'll see how it goes!

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