Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Day

Saturday was declared a family day. (Like most Saturdays go around here.)

We splurged and ate lunch at our favorite place, SATCO.

Then, we headed to our favorite park nearby. We walked the trails. Fed the ducks. Threw the football around. Played frisbee. Played on the playground. Relaxed and checked out the beautiful views.

It was a great family day. Something we all enjoyed.


  1. What a fun day! What is SATCO? Anything like it in Ohio? When I come visit someday, we will have to go there. It looked yummy.

  2. SATCO stands for San Antonio Taco Co. We love the one in downtown Nashville because it's fun to sit outside and just hang out. Their queso dip and taco salads are to-die-for! We'll definitely have to go there when you come visit!! It has girls night written all over it. :)


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