Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on Connor

Boy, it's been another crazy week.

On Tuesday night, we found a hard lump in Connor's stomach area. We took him to our pediatrician's office first thing Wednesday morning and he was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis. This is where the pyloric muscle tightens up and keeps food from passing from the stomach to the intestines. Connor's stomach made a peristalsis wave to force the food through so it looked like an alien was moving around in his body. Dr. Bottoms had never seen this before in any of her patients, so she had every member of the practice in the exam room to watch. Normally, the typical symptoms of 3-5 foot projectile vomiting, dehydration and loss of weight would have started before now, but our big boy is a strong one. For the past 6 weeks, he's pushed everything through his stomach and intestines in spite of the tightened pylorus. And it's caused him a lot of pain.

Dr. Bottoms sent us to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for an ultrasound yesterday afternoon. Doctors confirmed the Pyloric Stenosis and got us ready for surgery so they could clip the muscle down the side to untighten it. We stayed overnight in a tiny overflow room and they took Connor for surgery this morning around 10 am. Giving hugs and kisses and saying goodbye to our little 9-week old boy in pre-op was hard. He laughed and giggled and cooed even after the nurses took him away.

The surgery lasted an hour and our wonderful surgeon, Dr. Neblett, said it was a complete success. In all his 30+ years of pediatric practice, he has never seen a pyloric baby as big as Connor. One who wasn't vomiting or losing weight. So...he made history in his own little way. We're just glad we caught it early on before he got much worse!

Connor is sleeping peacefully now. They're giving him Tylenol for pain and he's doing much better than we expected after surgery. He's not allowed anything to eat for the first 6 hours. After that, we'll ease into Pedialyte and formula and see how he does. If there's no vomiting and if all goes well, we'll be discharged in the morning.

Thank you for keeping Connor and our family in your prayers! He is one special little boy.

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  1. Chauncey, I am so sorry for your family and for little Connor! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. He is one tough cookie and very lucky to have you for a mama!


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