Friday, February 3, 2012

Liquid Gold

Yesterday our pediatrician recommended switching Connor's formula from Nutramigen Lipil to Nutramigen AA Lipil. You know, since we found out he's allergic to cow's milk and all. Nutramigen AA can only be ordered online or through a pharmacy, but thankfully my friend Rachel had some on hand since her 8-month old baby girl has a milk protein allergy too.

So...since our formula was on order and we couldn't buy any cans in the store, we made a mad dash over to Rachel's to buy some formula from her. I'm so glad God brought us together and that she lives so close. Our little ones can be allergy buddies now. :)

We came home with these two cans plus another two more. At roughly $40-50 per can, we refer to this as "liquid gold." Especially when we calculated Connor will be going through about 16 cans a month. Yikes!

We came home and gave Connor a couple bottles of the new formula and his 6-week old "diaper rash" went away immediately, his stools started looking normal again and he slept 7 hours straight!

I'd say our "liquid gold" is working out pretty well so far.

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