Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Wild Ride

The last few days have been a total blur.

Connor cried and screamed all day Tuesday and most of the day Wednesday. Yesterday morning, he was so upset that I called our pediatrician and just lost it on the phone. Through tears, I told her I didn't know what the problem was but something just wasn't right. This was not normal baby behavior. Dr. Bottoms could obviously hear Connor in the background crying in pain and she confirmed it didn't sound right, even with the extra reflux medicine. She told me to bring in a stool sample or dirty diaper for testing and start giving rice cereal in his bottles right away to help with the reflux pain.

I got off the phone with the doctor around 10:30 am. Connor's next feeding was at 11 am and I didn't have any rice cereal on hand so off to the store we went. Brooklyn and I were still in our pajamas. We literally threw on some clothes, put Connor in the car seat and headed to Target. Not only did we need to get rice cereal, but we also needed to get level 2 nipples for the cereal to get through easier. Every other nipple was in stock at Target, except the Dr. Brown's. I couldn't believe it. We drove from there to Publix. None there. By this point, I didn't care where we had to go so I drove out of our way to Walmart. On the way there, the road was closed for construction. Seriously? After taking a detour, we finally got there and they had the exact size nipples I needed, thank goodness. I was one happy woman.

While shopping, an elderly man walked by and stopped to peek at Connor sleeping in his car seat. He looked over at me and said, "That little baby of yours is so sweet and handsome. Thank you for blessing my day today." It made me stop and think, in the midst of all this craziness. I'm so blessed to have the three healthy children God has given me. And I knew everything was going to be okay.

We came home and my mother-in-law helped with the kids the rest of the afternoon. We took turns holding Connor, who cried most of the afternoon. I picked up Jake from school and dropped off one of Connor's dirty diapers at the pediatrician's office. Dr. Bottoms tested it right away and told me that Connor had blood in his stool. Apparently, the test showed he has a severe milk protein allergy along with a bad case of reflux. That explains why he's been crying in pain all the time. So...she prescribed another medication to give four times a day to coat his stomach before feeds. And we're switching formulas yet again. Nutramigen AA is more expensive and has to be special-ordered, but it breaks down the milk protein completely, whereas the regular Nutramigen only partially breaks it down.

We're so thankful to finally get a grip on what's going on with Connor so we can help him as best as we can. Praying that he gets long-term relief from the pain and for his body to heal as he adjusts to the new formula.

It's been one wild ride. But, I'm ready for things to settle down soon.

Here's to lots of healing. And rest...for all of us.

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  1. Chauncey I am so sorry to hear about Connor! I know how stressful it is to see a little one in pain. Hopefully the new formula will provide relief to the poor little fella (and to you too).


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