Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Wild, Crazy Day

The day starts out early with Connor waking up at 2:30am and 5:30am to eat.

Brooklyn wakes up around 8am and we're up for the day.

I throw in a load of laundry, make beds, fix breakfast, check email.

I feed Connor again at 9am.

Clean up the kitchen. Load the dishwasher.

After breakfast, I get the kids ready and head to the shower to get ready myself.

Brooklyn comes in to announce that Connor started crying.

I hurriedly get dressed and run to get Connor out of the swing.

I attempt to blow-dry my hair and apply a little makeup while tending to Connor.

Pack diaper bag, jackets, snacks and drinks for the day.

Get kids in the car. Head to Cool Springs to run errands, 30-minutes from home.

Tummy growls. Realize I never ate breakfast.

Talk to Mom on the way.

Brooklyn starts crying in the back seat and throws up in her car seat. Twice.

I get off the phone and call Scot. Tell him I'm stopping by his work since I'm just a minute away.

Scot takes Brooklyn to the bathroom and cleans up the mess as best as he can.

Thank Scot for helping out.

Look at the clock. 11:30am.

Head back home.

Say a prayer, thanking God that Connor is still asleep.

Start making a game plan, knowing I'll hit the ground running as soon as I walk in the door.

Make a quick detour and head to the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A to get myself lunch.

Scarf down lunch in the van and try to forget the nasty stench in the air.

Get home. Take Connor's car seat inside. Carry Brooklyn and head straight for the bathroom.

Connor starts crying.

Get Brooklyn in the tub.

Connor turns red and screams bloody murder.

Run to fix Connor's bottle. Tell Brooklyn to play in the tub while I feed Connor.

Put Connor down. Wash Brooklyn and get her out of the tub. Help her get dressed in her pj's.

Fix Brooklyn's lunch. Soup, crackers and apple juice.

Change Connor's diaper. Set him in the bouncy seat.

Unload the van. Bring Brooklyn's smelly clothes and nasty car seat inside.

Take car seat apart and throw cover in the wash.

Read Brooklyn two books and put her in bed for quiet time.

Realize I can't pick up Jake from school at 2:30 because Brooklyn's car seat cover is wet.

Text Kim and ask if her husband can pick up Jake from school.

Give Connor a bath. Lay him down for a nap.

Wash bottles. Clean oven, microwave and fridge. Clean both bathrooms.

Say hi to Jake when he gets home. Get him a snack and help him start on homework.

Quiz Jake on spelling words. Have him read in his room for 30 minutes.

Get Brooklyn a snack. Feed Connor. Turn on a movie for the kids to watch.

Empty dishwasher. Fold two loads of clothes.

Tell Jake to take an early shower.

Put thawed ravioli pan in the oven for dinner. Set table. Make drinks, salads and bread.

Scot gets home from work. Kids run to the garage door.

Gather the kids and sit down at the table for dinner. First family dinner at the table since Connor's been born.

Clear table. Jake plays Xbox while Brooklyn plays. Feed Connor.

Say bye to Scot. Tell kids goodnight.

Put Connor in the van and head to Target. Just the two of us.

Try to ignore the nasty stench in the van. Again.

Walk in the doors of Target around 8pm. Grab a cart and get a Cherry Coke to drink.

Relish in the 90 minutes of peace and quiet. Recharge for another day.

The days may be long and hard, but these are the days I want to remember. The wild, crazy, chaotic days that one day I'll miss.

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